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The Samurai and Their Swords


Self Defense

Combative.Org - Practical Self Defense
Real world based martial culture.

Black Tiger Tactical System
Hands on defensive training, basic handcuffing and similar training.

Stun Guns, Mace Pepper Sprays, Knives, Air Guns, Alarms, Spy Equipment
Wholesale prices on self defense products, spy and surveillance equipments, weapons and much more.

Action Stun Guns
High power stun guns, stun batons and mini stun guns for self defense and personal safety.

TBO-TECH Self Defense Products
Self defense and personal protection items including stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers, martial arts weapons, personal alarms, wireless home alarms, knives, and other safety items not readily available in stores.

PersonalArms.com-Anti-Crime Products
Pepper sprays, stun guns, spy cameras and the latest in unique, hard to find crime prevention products.

Cane Masters
Self Defense using the cane as a weapon.

Burrese Enterprises -- Personal Security & Self-Defense for Your Safety - Personal & Professional Achievement for Your Success.

#1 Home Security Products
Crime prevention and personal security products. Secure online shopping through WorldPay and PayPal.

Contemporary Fighting Arts
Provides a wide variety of training resources, books, instructional videos, discussion forums and free articles - by Sammy Franco

Goju-Shorei Weapons System
Goju-Shorei Weapons teaches any individual how to use a cane, knife or fan as a legal and practical self defense weapon.

Milestone Safety Products
High quality personal and home protection products at great prices.

Safety Gear HQ self defense products
Personal Safety and Self Defense products will give you that sense of security and peace of mind that you deserve.

Pepper spray
as well as stun guns and pepper spray keychains at Safetyrus.

300,000 volts in the palm of your hand, New unique stun gun in a glove, self-defense that’s completely concealed and effective. Manufacturer.

Discounted prices on stun guns, pepper spray, personal protection, self defense products, and home security.

Cook Self Defense Products
Self defense and personal protection items including stun guns, pepper sprays and tasers.

Asp Batons
A retailer of personal defense equipment.

Guardian Self Defense
Featuring stun devices, self defense sprays, instructional fighting videos, butterfly knives, hand held metal detectors and home and personal alarms. Free shipping. 90 day money back guarantee.

OWN DEFENSE, Self Defense and Security Products
Sells stun guns, pepper sprays, home protection, Mace, child safety, personal alarms, voice changers, safety lights and tasers.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Flow
Tai Chi Flow is a combination of relaxing Qigong (Chi Kung) exercises and energizing Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) movements from the Yang Style 24 form choreographed into a smooth, flowing routine.

Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do Web Kwoon
An on-line forum for learning more about Bruce Lee's art of JKD.


North East Kickboxing Academy
Kickboxing tuition in the north east of England by Dave Nicod 4th dan. Male and female, and children from 6 years.

Goshin Kai International
A new martial arts organization.

National Korean Martial Arts Association
Offers students and instructors of the Korean Arts Registration of Rank, Certification, Testing, Consulting, Seminars and Workshops .

Shuman Concepts
The next generation of martial arts research & development. From Melody Shuman, the creator of the Little Ninja program.


Ninja Syndicate
Best Martial Arts School, Ninja Syndicate ....

Small Dojo, BIG Profits!
We show martial artists how to make a decent living teaching the martial arts, without sacrificing their honesty or integrity.

Pak's Tang Soo Do Studio and Online Store
Official Website of the Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation founded by the great warrior Grand Master HO SIK PAK.

Sample dojo protocol rules

Shotokan Dojos
Worldwide dojo listing provided by the International Shotokan Karate Federation

Kokushi Martial Arts
Located in NYC -- Traditional Japanese Martial Arts programs for children, teens, & adults.

Universal Self-Defence Academy
Located in Australia -- Martial arts, self defence, taekwondo, karate, kickboxing instruction. Master Peter Burke.

White Dragon's of Bushido
Martial Arts Information on the White Dragon's of Bushido Ogden, Utah. And also the Affiliate Organizations of TaiKenJuRyu of Germantown Penn.

Universal Self Defense Academy
Located in Belguim -- Self Defense, Tai Chi, Chin Na, American Kenpo Karate, Chinese Kickboxing.

Combat Silat
Located in Oshkosh, WI -- Information on Pencak Silat Pertempuran, videos, images, silat dictionary, forum, and marketplace for most things Indonesian.

West Los Angeles Karate School
Located in West Los Angeles, CA -- Traditional Japanese Shotokan karate for teens, adults and seniors. Free week for new students. No contracts, low fees.

Sei Shin Kan Martial Arts
The Sei Shin Kan is an International Sogo Bujutsu / Budo Dojo that offers the highest technical level of Martial Arts instruction for the serious enthusiast.

Brandywinde Martial Arts
Located in Pennsylvania -- A member studio of the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Nabi Su Martial Arts & Healing Center
Located in NYC, NY -- Teach Kung Fu, Yang style Tai Chi and practice Zazen meditation.

Eastern Defensive Arts Academy
Located in Quakertown, PA -- Family oriented dojo teaching taekwondo, karate, fitness kickboxing and self defense.

The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute
Located in ON, CA -- Multiple locations. Teaches realistic, effective self defense methods without "sports" or "politics".

Martial Arts International
Located in Australia -- The official Website of Geoff Beennett Martial Arts Internation-Teaching Progressive Protection Systems. Derived from Five Ancestors Gung Fu.

American Institute Of Martial Arts
Located in New Haven, Connecticut -- Martial arts for health, fitness and self defense. Bob Liedke, star of Panther Productions video series, "Safe Escape Aikido" is chief instructor. Teaches aikido and aiki-jujitsu.

Tae Kwon Do Plus School
Located in Ras Tanura - Saudi Arabia -- Everett Fouts - Tae Kwon Do Plus School - Member International Tae Kwon Do Alliance

Goju-Ryu Karate
Located in Western Australia -- Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do

John Wade's Karate and Gymnastics
Located in Southaven, MS (suburb of Memphis, TN) -- John has over 15 years experience as a professional dancer and has studied the art of PaSaRyu from Master Kang Rhee.

Lightingfoot Tae Kwon Do School
Located in Wallace, NC -- Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense training.

Universal Martial Arts Academy
Located in Charlotte, NC -- Serves children from 4 1/2 to Adult. Butch McLaughlin instructor.

Team Advanced Impressions
Located outside Atlanta, GA -- A martial arts-based group that blends traditional martial arts such as Karate with gymnastics.

Manns Martial Arts
Located in Dallas, TX --An adult-only martial arts instruction for Dallas residents. Their goal is to get-you-in-shape, teach you street-effective self defense in a safe environment using the best techniques from several styles.

Martial Arts and More
Located in Louisville, KY -- A large martial arts school offering programs in martial arts, fitness, self-defense, and yoga.

Top Mount Martial Arts
Located in Southeast, MO -- A dojo instructing in traditional okinawan karate, grappling, MMA, lil' dragons and youth karate. Has a retail martial arts equipment store.

Sherman Oaks Karate
Located in Sherman Oaks, CA -- Sensei John's Karate offers karate classes for various ages as well as private lessons in the Los Angeles area. Also trains children with special needs or disabilities.

Master Wing Chun Kung Fu
Lakeland, Tampa, Brandon and Orlando, FL -- Sifu Och Teaches Private Lessons, Classes at the Park, Beach, and more! Learn a Modern Self Defense System with a 400 year background in traditional street self defense, proven mind and body techniques.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center
Located in Ft Lauderdale, FL -- You can try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ), Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts program for free at the Pablo Popovitch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Center.

Kaishin Dojo
Located in West Saint Paul, MN -- Come and learn the functional sword art of kenjutsu at St Paul’s own Kaishin Dojo.

UK Dojos

Taunton Karate Club
Located in Taunton Somerset -- Teaches Wado-ryu and is a member of the English Karate Organisation. Mark Overthrow instructor.

Castle Black Belt Academy
Located in Sheffield -- A martial arts club for all skill levels and ages.

Mind & Spirit Martial Arts
Located in the UK -- Practical Martial Arts.

Taifu Karate & Kobudo Kai
Located in the UK

Chikara Shotokan Karate Academy
Located in the North Wales -- Chikara Shotokan Karate Academy is an association of karate clubs in the Deeside area of North Wales.

Blackwell Academy Ipswich
Located in Ipswich -- Led by 7th Dan Black Belt Master Mick Blackwell. Teaches karate, jujitsu and kickboxing in a purpose fitted building used only as a school for martial arts.

Blackpool Karate
Located in Blackpool -- Martial arts school in Blackpool. Also includes pictures, information and original clipart.

South East Freestyle Karatedo
-- The South East Freestyle Karatedo welcome Martial Arts students of all standards and abilities, from complete beginner to advanced Black Belts, from age 7 years to mature adult. All students aged 15 and over train with the Adults class..


Martial Arts Supplies
Recommended Martial Arts and Karate Equipment supplier.

Martial Arts DVDs - Blackbelt Digital Video
Learn techniques from some of the worlds top grappling and Mixed Martial Arts instructors and fighters.

Fitness Equipment
Exercise equipment retailer. Recommended for pedometer, heart rate monitor and exercise ball purchases.

Akira Martial Arts Supplies Online
Located in Australia. Sells protective gear, uniforms, impact equipment, footwear, training weapons, dojo equipment and more.

A leading online UK-based retailer of martial arts clothing, equipment and accessories. Free delivery. Secure online payment.

Martial Arts Clothing and Equipment

THUNDERKICKS Martial Arts Street Shoes
THUNDERKICKS Martial Arts Street Shoes. The Martial Arts Athletic Shoes designed for contact.

House of Pain Ironwear
Attitude disguised as clothing!

Red Lizard Martial Arts
Located in the UK. Martial Arts T-Shirts, Vests, Jewellery.

Al's Gym - UK On-Line Fight Shop
A great place to start if you are looking to purchase martial arts gear in the UK.

TNT Dojo
Martial Arts Equipment and Supplies including sparring gear, uniforms and martial arts videos and books.

Karate Kid Martial Art supplies
Located in the UK. Adidas, Blitz, Cimac, Kamikaze and Shureido Brands. Free Dojo listing, event calendar, reports and secure on-line shopping.

Boxing Equipment
Leading punching bag and boxing gloves retailer.

Turtle Press
Martial arts books and videos, with an emphasis on the Korean arts.

Chin Up Bars
Everlast chin up bar for $22.95. $2.95 shipping.

The Martialarm
The martialarm wooden dummy alternative ideal for jeet kune do, wing chun or other kung fu systems.

Kombat Instruments Limited
Manufactures and sells quality Kali and Escrima stick fighting gear.

Combat Athlete
Clothing and apparel company for the fans and practitioners of the combat sports.

Dragon's Cavern
Specializing in Collectible Swords, Knives, Daggers and Medieval Replicas.

Ryoku Sports UK
Located in the UK. Martial arts and boxing supplies.

No Lie Blades
A marking systems which allows you to determine strikes and strike position.

Tony Cecchine's Catch Wrestling
Grappling and strength/endurance training videos and DVDs.


Lee Hayward's Total Fitness Bodybuilding
How to build muscle and lose bodyfat without using drugs.

Blast Your Bench
Add 51 lbs. to your bench press in only 3 weeks.

Critical Bench
Training advice, bench press secrets, forums, fitness models and more.

AskMen.com - Free Men's Online Magazine
A men's online magazine offering the best advice on dating, secrets of love, celebrity biography, relationships and health.

Florida's Fitness Trainer - Fitness/Bodybuilding.Karate.Sport Performance.Nutrition.

Pedometers on sale and a guide to pedometers.

Truly Huge
Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness. Free Fitness Tips!

Weight training advice
Expert sports fitness advice, training schedules and discussion forum

Fitness Links

Exercise equipment
including strength training equipment, ankle weights and a many brands of heart rate monitors including the polar hear rate monitor line.


Combat Martial Arts
A traditional martial arts organization providing rank accreditation and certification.

MartialEdge Online Magazine
An online magazine for the martial arts.

Tai Chi Instructional Videos
Instruction Tai Chi videos by Paul Falk.

Exotic India
Online store for Indian art, offering miniature paintings, Gemstone Beads and Sterling Silver Jewelry, Ethnic Saris, Batik art, Folk art, Brass and Stone Statuary, Tibetan Buddhist art, and more.

Great Feng Shui and Oriental Gifts... with Free Gifts!

Satori International
An International Organization geared to help people become complete martial artists. Offering free downloads, videos, and newsletters.

Satori Martial Arts and Healing Center
Atlanta's premier martial arts training facility. Serving North Atlanta since 1989. Teaching both karate and jiu jitsu. First Week Free!!

TaiChi-Qigong Health Centre
An informative site on developing your mental and physical harmony.

World Pugilance League
Pugilance battle pole combat competition -- where today's warriors come to play

Learn, chat and debate about martial arts in a friendly community.

Martial Arts Info
Information about the various martial arts, including its history, founder and techniques.

MAWN - Martial Arts WorldWide Network
Striving to bring the very best in Martial arts related information.

Action Film Academy
A comprehensive stunt academy for on-screen talent.

Martial Arts site using a question and answer format.

Leading Martial Arts community and portal.

Jubei's Martial Arts Zone
Martial Arts community featuring database for training drills, tricks, sparring tactics, strategies, and weapons techniques.

World Jidokwan Federation
Keeping the art of Jidokwan alive.

Aibudo Martial Arts System
A system developed for either on your feet or on the ground, with it's emphasis on modern day self-defense. Utlilizes Old World philosophies and strategies to accomplish modern day defenses.

Stableford Martial Arts Resources
Martial Arts links to clubs, resources, history, philosophy, training and personalities.

Koo Self Defense
The philosophy of Koo Self Defense is to allow any individual to achieve his or her maximum potential (and beyond) regardless of age, sex, physical ability, disability or level of fitness.

International Fitness Association (IFA) -- Online Aerobics and Fitness Instructor Certification.

Scott Shaw Hapkido

MyDojo UK

Magazine Subscriptions including Black Belt Magazine and other fitness magazines

The Center for Mind and Body Harmony -- Offers classes in traditional chineses internal and external martial arts as well as stretch and tone.

Mindconnection brain power center -- The knowledge worker's resource center: Products for personal growth, career performance, and intellectual pursuits

Martial Pages -- Low-cost web sites for martial arts schools and organizations.

Jade Dragon Online
Expands your knowledge of Asian culture through feature articles on martial arts, Asian philosophy, holistic health and much more.

A home for Traditional Martial Arts training for all styles.

Exercise Gear
Equipment for all your exercise and fitness needs.

Fitness and Exercise Equipment
Sales and information.

Asociación Nacional SAKURA TAKE KAN
Okinawan and Japanese Martial arts & Culture.

Scottish Kempo Academy International
Umbrella organization for the Scottish Kempo Academy.

Mr Sage's Taoist Homepage
Information and discussion about Taoism.

Netsweat Martial Arts

The Virtual Library of Sport
Provides global links to key resources in all sports.

Fury in the Garden
The fantastic paranormal/Sci-Fi novel Fury in the Garden.

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